Data Creation

AE&GS specializes in converting paper maps and drawings to client-specific digital formats.The process of conversion from paper to digital format follows the entire chain of scanning, geopositioning,vectorizing, attributization, QC/QA and final conversion to the client‟s required output format. AE&GS has considerable experience in delivering quality data from topographic,geological, cadastral maps as well as from utility drawings.AE&GS uses the “best-fit” technologies & tools to ensure that deadlines are met and follows processes that optimize the workflow.

2D Paper to Raster

We at AE&GS specialize in the conversion process of simple paper drawings into raster images using High-End and sophisticated Scanners at higher resolutions (both Colour and Grey Scale), sizes ranging from A to E (A4 to A0). The process of conversion of paper drawings in to raster images initiates from collection of the blue print drawings either in the form of paper drawings, tracing sheets, films or cloth drawings and then converting the drawings to raster formats using High-End Scanning Software‟s. “Deskewing” and “Despecling” operations will maintain the accuracy of the scanned images and the clarity of the scanned image will be maintained using increased resolution of the pixel size while scanning the image. We deliver raster images to the clients in various output formats like „tiff‟, „bmp‟, „jpeg‟,„R14‟,‟ gif‟ etc.

2D Paper to Vector

A vector image is defined mathematically. This method is especially useful in projects that incorporate designs from old paper drawings. In these sectors converting the image into CAD format is a cheaper and faster option than to redraw and entire page from the original drawing. So, here we can scan your existing 2D paper drawings to raster format and finally will convert these raster images to vector format using overlay method and we can deliver these vectorized images to you in any of the various formats. Cost effective drafting services to redraw with accuracy from paper to CAD. The complete drawings are created afresh in CAD to represent all the detail present in the paper drawing. The drawings are converted into Digital format to the accurate scale and precision following the standards like Customer-required specifications and the standard specifications.

Raster Drawing Modification

A raster image is normally an image formed by scanning of a blue print drawing either in the form of a paper drawing or a tracing sheet or a microfilm. If you look closely, you will see that it is made up of lots of small dots. The density of these dots is referred to by resolution, measured in dots per inch (stated as „dpi‟). Raster files are stored in many file formats. The necessity of modifying the raster images occurs due to following reasons:

• Blight of the original blue print drawings.

• Errors occurring while inserting the paper in the scanner.

• Wounding of the paper by the operator if the scanner size is smaller than the paper size.

• Spots of pen/ink marks left over on the blue print drawings.

• Scratches formed on the tracing sheets etc.

• Hauling of the paper while in the process of scanning.

Raster to Vector

In the recent past, the importance of raster data processing has been increasing considerably in the field of CAD. Specific, graphic, rudimental information and old documents often and still exist on paper. Redrawing the whole again in a CAD system is always a time consuming and at the same time costly too. To overcome these drawbacks scanner devices are used which generate raster data from analogue documents. Here, what we perform is, we simply convert the raster images to vector format using overlay drafting method. All these conversions are completed by experienced CAD operators and can be provided to meet client‟s specifications including layering, annotation, use of blocks and other drafting standards. Expertise of AE&GS caters high quality CAD Conversion services using overlay-drafting software to meet the client‟s specifications of layers, text, blocks, dimensions, templates etc. the drawings are converted into Digital format to the accurate scale and precision following the standards like customer-required specifications and the standard.

Vector drawing modification

A vectorized CAD drawing is a computer file that represents a drawing using more intelligent data than dots or pixels. This data can be used to distinguish between line segments, arcs, points, circles, text and colour. Vectorized drawings can also define even more intelligent objects by defining collections of lines, arcs, circles, and text as objects called symbols or blocks. The real power of CAD is derived from its ability to define and manipulate large numbers of scalable, reusable objects and most CAD drawings require more than simply pixels, lines and arcs. Virtually all CAD and graphic illustration software defines image as vectors because of the associated precision, the capability of rapid processing of vector objects, and operator ease with regard to modifying these images.

Vector to Vector

AE&GS goes one step ahead when compared to other cad conversion agencies when it comes to the part of converting a Vector file format created in one Software to convert it to other software file format. For example say a drawing file that has been generated in AutoCAD (*.dwg) has to be converted into a Microstation file format (*.dgn). The necessity of file conversion is very important because each and every client or an organization will have its own software and every software has got its own limitations, which will be time-consuming aspects for the engineers to over come all those aspects. AE&GS provides conversion of digital drawing formats from one format to other formats with out any data loss. We assure to deliver the converted file formats with out any data losses and ready to use formats.

Application Development in GIS & CAD

We at AE&GS develop customized software solutions in GIS & CAD, which include data management tools, developing automation utilities and analysis tools to customize shrink-wrapped software. Those utilities and application are developed using VB/VC/VC++/Auto LISP etc.

Land Information System

AE&GS has designed and developed data querying, modification & reporting systems for the Directorate of Land Records. The systems use a cadastral database of Land Records/ Parcel Maps, which have been created by AE&GS following a process of Heads-up digitization i.e. scanning and vectorization of the parcel maps, attributization and edge matching.

Remote Sensing

We at AE&GS specialize in satellite images interpretation and classification. Satellite images are used for digital data creation as well as updating of existing digital data created from old paper maps. This source of digital data is especially useful when working for areas where no maps can be obtained as well as for areas for which very old maps exist. We are specialized in Image rectification, image filtering, classification, annotation and texture analysis of satellite images. Data interpretation of Land use maps/Vegetation maps/urban maps through satellite images. We have experts in handling specialized software which provides most accurate way of updating your content and extract more information from imagery.


Surveys first input into design, planning and construction of all type of Projects. AE&GS provides Automated Survey & Mapping Services for GIS projects using Total Station and other latest equipments. AE&GS has vast experience in preparation of Digital Data at any scale by conducting detailed survey of project areas using Total Stations and other latest equipments